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The Impact Of The Sanctions Against Iran On The People Of Iranian Descent Living In The US

There has been quite a substantial number of sanctions leveled against Iran by the US government and the international bodies like the EU and the UN over quite a number of years. Iran has been receiving these sanctions because it is a security threat to the whole world. Iran has been reported as being very supportive of terror groups. Nuclear weapons have also been found in Iran and Iran has been supporting the making of these weapons as well for years. For years now, all efforts to dissuade Iran from these vices and many more have not been successful. Iran is at the receiving end of these sanctions as a result of these and several other vices. The truth, however, is that Iran has been suffering major losses due to these sanctions no matter how vehemently it denies this. So much that it has affected their economy and it is said that it might just be hanging by a thread. The supply of goods to the country has become almost impossible and the inflation levels continue to rise day in day out. People of Iranian descent all over the world have also been suffering the effects of these sanctions. Iranian-Americans are the worst hit.

One of the effects that people of Iranian descent living in the US are contending with is the lack of employment. Most of the companies are unwilling to risk being slapped with the penalties as articulated in the sanctions. So unemployment among the Iranian-Americans is one of the major effects of these sanctions.

The business community is one of the most affected groups of people because their businesses have come to a standstill. This is partly because of the ban on imports and exports because those who has already established market in Iran are not able to reach the market. Other people also don’t want to do business with them because they are afraid of going against the sanction. Even though this is not forbidden by the sanctions, people don’t want to take the risk. Just because they are from Iran, some of these people are denied their right to buy goods and services.

It is sad to note that even those Iranian-Americans who sent support to their elderly parents in Iran are not able to do this anymore unless they are up to carrying money in suitcases. No bank wants to help them because they are afraid of the penalties they have been threatened with.

These people don’t have access to their property back in Iran and cannot inherit anything from their relatives who pass away. Even if they do inherit anything for example land, they are not allowed to sell it which means that they will not benefit from it in any way. The US government claims that these were not intended consequences because the sanctions were only meant to affect the government of Iran.

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